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12/13/2013 - WIT Announces Strategic Review Process

Over the past several months, the Board of Weyburn Inland Terminal has been reviewing strategic options for WIT. The Company has retained Johnson Advisory Services Inc., as its financial advisor, to assist in exploring and evaluating strategic options.
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10/23/2013 - CMI Terminal Announces Acquisition of Crop Production Services Business Unit

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09/12/2013 - Providence Grain Group Inc. Expanding Storage and Value Added Processing

Providence Grain Group Inc., operating as Providence Grain Solutions is pleased to announce the expansion of its Marengo elevator at Marengo, Saskatchewan.
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08/28/2013 - Gardiner Dam Terminal Announces Acquisition of AgServices Business Unit

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04/26/2013 - Expansion at Prairie West Terminal

Prairie West Terminal is pleased to announce an expansion to their Ag Services business.

Groundbreaking will begin immediately on a state of the art dry fertilizer storage and blending facility.

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03/21/2013 - WIT Announces 2012 Results and Dividends

Claude Carles, President of ‘The Terminal’, announced today that the Company had after-tax consolidated earnings of $2,083,000 in Fiscal 2012 on sales of $150,400,000, even as the Company recovered from two consecutive years of localized flooding, and adapted to the open grain marketing environment.

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11/25/2012 - Providence Grain Group Inc. acquires 50% of Flatlander Agri Services Ltd.

Providence Grain Group Inc. (“Providence”) announces today that all of the conditions under Providence's offer to purchase 50% of the issued shares were met and Providence Grain Group has acquired 50% of Flatlander Agri Services located in Clyde, Alberta.


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07/02/2012 - NWT Posts Strong Financial Results for First Six Months

The Board of Directors of North West Terminal Ltd. (NWT) is pleased to announce positive financial results for the Company after its first six months of operations in 2011-12.  For the period beginning November 1, 2011 and ending April 30, 2012, NWT posted revenues from consolidated operations of $68.1 million and an EBITDA of $5,998,196 (unaudited).  This resulted in a net profit of $3,199,131, or 98 cents per share.

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06/06/2012 - Providence Grain Group Inc. Expanding

Providence Grain Group Inc., operating as Providence Grain Solutions is pleased to announce the expansion of its Gaudin elevator East of Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. ... MORE

05/02/2012 - Great Sandhills Terminal Announces New General Manager

The Board of Directors of Great Sandhills Terminal (GST) is pleased to announce the appointment of Sidney J. Vancuren to CEO of Great Sandhills Terminal Marketing Centre effective May 2, 2012.
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03/31/2012 - Providence Grain Group Inc. Acquires over 97% of Meridian Grain Corporation

Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta and Marengo, Saskatchewan: Providence Grain Group Inc. (“Providence”) and Meridian Grain Corporation ("Meridian") announced today that all of the conditions under Providence's offer to purchase the outstanding common shares of Meridian under Providence's February 23, 2012 circular (the "Offer") have been met.

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03/28/2012 - WIT Announces 2011 Results

Claude Carles, President of ‘The Terminal’, announced today that the Company had an after-tax consolidated loss of $246,000 in Fiscal 2011, primarily the result of reduced seeded acres due to significant flooding in most of southeast Saskatchewan last year. The flooding impacted all business units last year, with only 20 to 30% of the normal acres being seeded. Both grain handling and crop input sales were down significantly. While grain volumes will be lower in 2012 until the new crop comes off, expectations are for a strong spring in the crop inputs business, as farmers look to maximize production after two consecutive years of reduced seeded acres. “Our staff worked hard throughout the year to help our customers manage these conditions. The continuing strong support of our customers has allowed Weyburn Inland Terminal to be a profitable, farmer owned and directed Company for many years” said Carles. “This is the first time since 1985 that we have not been profitable, and clearly the weather events last year were insurmountable both for farmers and WIT.” The Company paid dividends of $1,354,000 to shareholders in 2011.
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03/01/2012 - Gardiner Dam Terminal Declares Return on Capital

STRONGFIELD, SASKATCHEWAN – Gardiner Dam Terminal Ltd. (GDT Ltd.), a co-venturer with Viterra Inc. in Gardiner Dam Terminal Joint Venture (“GDT JV”), has announced an eighth consecutive dividend to shareholders. The $11.00 per share will be paid as a return of capital to both A and B shareholders for the 12-month period ending October 31, 2011.
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01/02/2012 - Prairie West Terminal Announces New CEO

The Board of Directors of Prairie West Terminal Ltd. (PWT) are pleased to announce that Chad Campbell is the new Chief Executive Officer of PWT effective Jan, 2012.
Chad Campbell was selected as the Chief Executive Officer, following a search conducted by a committee of the Board of Directors with the assistance of a human resources consultant which was initiated in August 2011. Chad Campbell was previously employed as General Manager, of another independent grain terminal, (Great Sandhills Terminal).
Chad Campbell was preceded by Andrew Travers, who served as the Chief Executive Officer until the end of October, 2011. Charlene Bradley acted as interim Chief Executive Officer for PWT, following the departure of Mr. Travers and until the appointment of Mr. Campbell.
PWT is a locally owned and operated grain company, with its head office located between the villages of Dodsland and Plenty, Saskatchewan. PWT operates locations in Plenty, Dodsland, Luseland and Kindersley.
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12/30/2011 - GPHH L.P. Sanctions Final Project toward Completion of a Patented Integrated bioRefinery™ in the Fall of 2012

Hairy Hill, AB -- Growing Power Hairy Hill L.P. (“GPHH”) has defied the odds and the current global economic malaise. GPHH is now constructing the final module of its visionary Integrated bioRefinery™. This last project is a long-planned ethanol plant to be built adjacent to the earlier-announced (March, 2010) bioGas facility expansion.
Upon completion, the Integrated bioRefinery™ at Hairy Hill, Alberta, Canada will be the world’s largest such facility, and its output is expected to be the lowest-“carbon footprint” ethanol in the world. The overall capital asset will be a $100+ million facility producing ultra-low carbon fuel ethanol, high quality cattle feed, bioFertilizer (pathogen, weed & disease-free), and green energy (from both agricultural and municipal organic waste).
GPHH’s fuel ethanol will easily exceed the most stringent LCA thresholds, such as California's proposed Low Carbon Fuel Standard or LCFS, as well as emerging European limits on carbon content for liquid fuel. In certain jurisdictions (e.g. USA), this production method would even lead to the highly coveted, highly valuable Advanced BioFuel designation. This is a great achievement given that there is no technology risk because it is creatively combining—in a patented manner—older, proven technologies.
Starting approximately August of 2012, GPHH will be buying 110,000 metric tonnes of grain from local area farmers each and every year. If there is a future expansion of the plant, this number could rise. As well, GPHH will remain open to taking municipal organic waste or byproducts of other processes into its energy-creation process in exchange for a tipping fee. Examples of waste other than feedlot manure are glycerin from the making of biodiesel, or slaughter waste, or beverage manufacturing byproducts, or the contents of municipal green boxes being diverted away from landfills.
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11/09/2011 - ITAC welcomes participation on Crop Logistics Working Group

The Inland Terminal Association of Canada is pleased to be included among the organizations represented on the newly established Crop Logistics Working Group. The Working Group was announced by Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz at the ITAC annual convention on November 7. ... MORE


STRONGFIELD, SASKATCHEWAN – Gardiner Dam Terminal Ltd. (GDT Ltd.), a co-venturer with Viterra Inc. in Gardiner Dam Terminal Joint Venture ("GDT JV"), is pleased to announce the addition of a dry bulk fertilizer blending and storage facility. ... MORE

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